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Essential experiences in Valencia | What places to visit?

Valencia is Spain’s third-most important city, not only in terms of the number of inhabitants, but also because of its appeal for the tourists who visit each year to discover one of the most interesting cities on the eastern coast of Spain, full of history and with a great atmosphere. It is a perfect destination to spend a few days at one of its exclusive hotels, dotted over the main tourist districts in the city.

One of the main reasons to visit this city is its delicious and world-renowned cuisine. Its most famous dish, paella, is known all over the world, and it is in Valencia that many people get their first taste of the genuine article. The combination of its cuisine, fabulous weather and warm Mediterranean waters make Valencia a classic tourist destination for those seeking an excellent climate, beaches and a wide range of leisure and cultural activities. It has a large number of museums, a bustling night life and a wealth of cinemas and theatres, making it a top pick all year round. Valencia combines the modernity of its City of Arts and Sciences with a variety of traditional styles including Baroque or Gothic.